Monday, January 31, 2011

Riding twists and turns, dual personae and taking out the trash

I used to not work so much.  First I did, at the start of my career, and when I began having children I went part-time in my own staffing firm, as Chairman on a board which consisted of my husband and myself.  We sold that business and honored non-competes for three years while I had another kid.  After the hiatus, we started up again, much the same as before, and I served as board member and advisor while mostly I chauffeured, volunteered and organized the lives of three little girls.

I kept in touch, however, and stayed involved, balancing personae of  working mother and stay-at-home mom.  2009 brought shifts in business and changes at home, thrusting me full-on into a new role, completely unfamiliar and altogether strange.  Finding myself suddenly a single/co-parent who commutes and cooks, I work more than full time and I try to keep up with what’s going on at school.  

The thing about it is that I love my job and I love my kids.  Flashing back to the early days, my new mommy friends and I debated, at length, the merits of staying at home to nurture and to raise the kids versus the mental stimulation and economic benefits of returning to work.  I now realize that life has twists and turns that we cannot foresee and for which we cannot plan and I do my best to enjoy the ride. Sometimes hectic and manic, often stimulating and fun, and usually warm and fuzzy as I kiss my daughters, “Goodnight.”  Juggling between business woman to mom is fine.  I just don’t like taking out the trash.

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