Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Should I blog again?

I ran into someone a few weeks ago who referred to my blog. I was at a restaurant with a friend and  a guy came up to me and asked if I knew who he was. I did not. He told me our daughters used to play soccer together. He knew a lot of other stuff from my old self too. Some pieces about him vaguely returned.

This was a few weeks ago and it really got me thinking. This soccer dad from Malibu, who also happens to have 3 daughters, remembered the things that I wrote in 2011. Many of which I, myself, had tried to forget.

I had a blog when I was going through my divorce, took over my last company, etc, etc. When I was ready to start out fresh, five years ago, I unpublished most of my posts. I miss it, though.

Talking to Soccer Dad brought back some painful memories but it reminded me of why I blogged. This morning, I woke up early and took a look. I re-published 7 of my old posts. Ones that exemplified different stages of where I was and what I went through.

It was difficult to read through all of those old posts. It was somewhat like looking into another person's life. Mostly, I was encouraged to see how far I've come.

Because I think that sharing my experiences can help others, because I love to write, and because I want to connect again with some of the awesome bloggers out there...I am thinking about writing again.

I have learned that sometimes you need to get creative. 

When I rewind to five years ago it is truly a different life. I went from being a Malibu housewife with money in the bank to waking up realizing that there was nothing left. After having retired from selling a business in our early 30's, I rose from my "6 year nap" realizing that we were in perilous personal debt. Additionally, our family business was deeply in trouble. Borrowing money to turn this situation around, I took control of the company, went to work and eventually made myself CEO: commuting three hours daily on Los Angeles freeways and traveling the country. I sometimes questioned myself, asked for help when I needed it, and I worked through my seemingly desperate situation step-by-step.

Within two years, I made important changes to the company and I sold it. Employees were able to keep their jobs and I became debt free. I was now a single mom of my three daughters.

By creating a social selling company that provides opportunity for all women, I decided to tell my story with action. I want to set an example that no matter what life gives you and even when you’ve made mistakes, you can find the courage and strength to not only survive hardships but to create a wonderful life. 

Over and over I hear women ask what they could possibly do after being out of the workforce for many years. I feel that our potential is our greatest asset, and I see Winnie & Kat as a way for me to help guide women to jump out of their comfort zones, gain personal control of their finances and build confidence, because it is never too late.

Please contact me for more information.