Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Should I blog again?

I ran into someone a few weeks ago who referred to my blog. I was at a restaurant with a friend and  a guy came up to me and asked if I knew who he was. I did not. He told me our daughters used to play soccer together. He knew a lot of other stuff from my old self too. Some pieces about him vaguely returned.

This was a few weeks ago and it really got me thinking. This soccer dad from Malibu, who also happens to have 3 daughters, remembered the things that I wrote in 2011. Many of which I, myself, had tried to forget.

I had a blog when I was going through my divorce, took over my last company, etc, etc. When I was ready to start out fresh, five years ago, I unpublished most of my posts. I miss it, though.

Talking to Soccer Dad brought back some painful memories but it reminded me of why I blogged. This morning, I woke up early and took a look. I re-published 7 of my old posts. Ones that exemplified different stages of where I was and what I went through.

It was difficult to read through all of those old posts. It was somewhat like looking into another person's life. Mostly, I was encouraged to see how far I've come.

Because I think that sharing my experiences can help others, because I love to write, and because I want to connect again with some of the awesome bloggers out there...I am thinking about writing again.

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  1. Go for it Diane! You have a unique voice and vision, and your experiences can help someone else!


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